Qantas says “stand up for a fair go”

Qantas has launched a campaign to celebrate the importance of diversity to national life, banding together its partners including sports teams, Olympians, Paralympians and leaders in the arts.

The 60-second video is part of the national carrier’s long-standing support for equality and inclusion – something it has championed through gender diversity (including encouraging more women to train for traditionally male dominated aviation roles), Indigenous reconciliation and support for LGBTI issues.

The video opens with actor and Qantas ambassador Hugh Jackman on Maroubra Beach, talking about the Australian spirit and “standing up for a fair go”.

It then moves on to feature a range of talented Australians representing groups that Qantas has worked with for many years, standing together in celebration of inclusion and diversity. Guest appearances include athletes from various sporting codes and national teams, the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Committees, Indigenous dance company Bangarra and members of the Australian Ballet.

Qantas Group Executive, Vanessa Hudson, said: “We carry over 50 million people a year from all walks of life. And we have over 30,000 people working at Qantas who represent a cross section of the community.

“We don’t all think, look or act the same and that’s a huge asset. This video is about celebrating the strength that comes from diversity and why it’s one of the great things about the kind of place Australia is.”

Qantas has always strongly valued diversity of thought and experience and attributes the success of the business to the brand’s inclusive and collaborative culture. As a diverse workforce that reflects contemporary, multicultural Australia, Qantas has consistently been vocal in championing diversity across its marketing and advertising channels.

Video can be viewed here.

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