Introducing the Women of Influence Alumni Projects – a new initiative that will see our award-winning alumni volunteer their time and expertise to help develop brilliant ideas that have been conceived by their fellow alumni.

If the 100 Women of Influence Awards is about celebrating greatness, the Women of Influence Alumni Projects is about galvanising this community of influencers that’s been built over the past five years to further create real change in society and local communities.

We’ll also be sharing the stories and progress of these projects which will range from those that are community-based, to business focused. The first project we’ll be supporting will be the “Catch-Up Project” – a new program still in development stage aimed at strengthening the quality of life and financial security for older women. Read more about the project here, or get involved by filling out your details below.

As we gather our alumni and explore opportunities to harness their expertise, thought leadership and experience, we invite you to come on the journey of change with us.